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About GamesVoyager

Wow you really want to know what's up with GamesVoyager. I feel honoured!

Let me introduce myself: my name is Snake, like the old videogame that you may have played on a Nokia phone. Snake was actually inspired by an even older videogame called "Nibbler", but this is not really important now.

The thing is I really like computer games. I like Batman, The Witcher, Tomb Raider, Civilization, Deus Ex, Bioshock and all the top titles. I also like to play old games, great classics like Monkey Island, Dune II, Eye of the Beholder, Sensible Soccer and many many more.

I really wanted a place where I could find special offers for those games. I wanted to type, i.e. "Fallout 4", hit Enter, and get the best price available on the Internet, so that I could buy the game saving 50% or more. Or maybe type "The Elder Scrolls" and discover that Daggerfall is freeware and can be downloaded for free from several sites.

Unfortunately I didn't know any search engine that was able to do this, so I decided to create it. This is how GamesVoyager has born, and its mission is exactly what I just described.

Warning: this is still a beta version, probably full of bugs, and can stop working at any time. GamesVoyager is also not responsible for what happens when you leave this site. We try to give you the best offers, but the actual service is provided by other sites.